The Swami Army is pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive seating for all of Team India’s games in Australia over the 2016 summer. As a member of the Swami Army not only will you get to sit in an exclusive section you are also able to access discounted rates. Sitting with the Swami Army, you will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere created by Team India’s premiere supporter club.

There are 2 ways to buy exclusive tickets in the Swami Army:

· Purchase 10 or more tickets and save $5 a ticket – that’s a saving of up to 15%; or
· Purchase less than 10 tickets through Ticketek and Ticketmaster at General Prices prices using an exclusive Swami Army link.

Either way you get to sit with the Swami Army.

Purchasing 10 or more tickets per match and save!
If you want to buy 10 or more tickets per match then Cricket Australia can help you right now, and you’ll save up to $5 per adult ticket. When you make your booking please ensure you tell the Cricket Australia Group Ticket Representative you want to sit with the Swami Army.

Get in touch with the Cricket Australia Group Ticket Representative in your state:

John Goodson
[email protected]
0428 409 495

Jasmine Fergus
[email protected]
0428 429 155

Louise Gardiner
[email protected]
0428 406 150

Tyrone TePaiho
[email protected]
0428 410 790

Or email Cricket Australia via [email protected]

Purchasing between 1-9 tickets per match

Follow this process:

1. Go to and select the match you wish to attend

2. This will take you to Ticketek or Ticketmaster’s website where you will need to reselect the match they want to attend.

3. You will need to enter the password: Swami16 PLEASE NOTE – for Ticketmaster you’ll need to choose either General Public or Indian Fan Zone and then use the password. Ticketek password box is on the match page.

3. This takes you to the Swami Army allocation for that match

4. You can then purchase Adult, Child, Concession, Family as per normal.

You can email us on [email protected] if you have any problems